School Readiness Guide Resource Pack


This 'Resource Pack' accompanies ‘The School Readiness Guide', comprising the resources that can be found in digital form in ‘The School Readiness Guide’. The pack takes away the trouble of having to print and laminate the resources yourself, as well as having to locate the additional resources that are needed to complete some of the guided activities from ‘The School Readiness Guide’. The ‘Resource Pack’ includes:

  • A laminated letter/sound picture card
  • A laminated list of the 10 most common sight words
  • A laminated one to thirty number card
  • Parental script for letter formation
  • Parental script of how to explain how the sounds in the sight words are pronounced
  • Parental script for numeral formation
  • Sounds and letters checklist
  • The correct letter formation checklist
  • Sight word checklist
  • Number checklist
  • Number formation checklist
  • 10 sided dice
  • 20 sided dice
  • Counters