School Readiness Guide


A step by step guide to help your child transition from preschool to 'big school'.

The guide is broken into 2 main sections; academic and social emotional.

The academic section is written and designed by early childhood and primary teacher Emily Lipscombe. It encompasses key principles that can assist your child to gain a academic headstart. Printable resources are included, along with video examples to assist in learning.

The social and emotional section is written by myself Melanie Hunter a psychologist specialising in children and adolescents. This section encompasses key issues that are found in the transition to school. Examples, activities and scripts that can be used to assist your child overcome these obstacles to make for a confident and easy transition to school. Topics include anxiety, navigating peer relationships and motivation to learn. 

The guide is downloadable and printable and will be emailed direct to your inbox upon purchase.

Guide suitable for children from 3 years.