ADHD & The Focused Mind


Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Parenting Title As a young boy, his difficulty in concentrating was diagnosed as ADHD. In school, his mind always seemed to wander until he found an activity that he liked. By using that one activity, his mother was able to reach past her son’s ADHD and teach him focus and self-discipline. That boy, Michael Phelps, went on to win twenty-two Olympic medal and break thirty-nine world records in swimming. World class athletes like Phelps all share an underlying skill: The ability to clearly focus on the task that is in front of them. Acquiring this very skill to overcome ADHD is the subject of ADHD & the Focused Mind. Written by three experts in their fields―a pediatric neurologist, a psychiatrist, and a martial arts instructor―this breakthrough title provides a unique program for instilling the ability to focus in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The book begins by explaining the basics of ADHD, including its common signs and what researchers have discovered about it. The remaining chapters detail the components of the program, including its principles, its goals, and the practical ways in which these goals can be achieved. The authors recognize that all children are different, so the program has the flexibility to work within a child’s comfort level while still attaining the necessary level of focus. The text concludes with a discussion of medications for ADHD, and how to decide what’s right for your child. Some of the most successful people in the world have ADHD, but just like star athletes, they have discovered that developing their own unique ways of focusing enables them to get ahead. ADHD & the Focused Mind provides coaching techniques that can profoundly improve the life of any child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


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