What Is Small World Play?

What Is Small World Play?

What Is Small World Play?

Small World Play...Have you heard of it?

I am a huge fan of this type of play.

I'll tell you what it is and why I love it...

Small World Play is basically child-sized items they can use to create their own story. Common small world play items include animals, transport vehicles, doll houses, farm houses etc.

If you watch your child engage in this type of play you will see the beauty of their little imaginations. If your child has not played in this way before and is used to toys with 1 or 2 set things they can do they may struggle at first. Trust that they will pick it up as their confidence grows.

Children are able to create the world they want, are interested in, or are trying to figure out!

The best part for them is they can do this experimenting in a safe, easy to control environment. The environment, in fact, is so easy to control it even has manageable PHYSICAL boundaries for them. 

In Small World Play the items are small (yeah der!) so the 'WORLD' is also physically manageable. Your child can walk away from the world, throw the pieces and destroy the scene or move onto something else.

All this is super important because it allows your child the opportunity to take time out from their exploration without any consequence. They can come back to it, without any consequence.

Unlike REAL LIFE. Don't we all wish we could press PAUSE sometimes? Pick up our lives and throw away the pieces we are unimpressed with? Simply walk on to something better?

RIGHT...Small World Play allows our kids that freedom whilst they are learning and experimenting.

Cool right?!