MONTHLY BRAND PROMO BLOG- How vehicle play assists with learning

MONTHLY BRAND PROMO BLOG- How vehicle play assists with learning

MONTHLY BRAND PROMO BLOG- How vehicle play assists with learning

You can crash it, roll it, spin it, turn it!

Vehicles. Is your child obsessed? Read on to hear all the fabulous things about vehicle play.

Pushing that car allows them to work out how strong they are.

"How hard do I need to push to get my car to crash into mum's leg?"

"If I drop my car from this height how loud will it bang?" 

"How many little people can I fit in the cabin?"

"Can I stack these blocks in the back?"

All questions your little vehicle lover can enquire about and learn with the facilitation of vehicles.

We often hear kids learn through play and the above 'experiments' are examples of just that.

Kids learn through moving their bodies through time and space. They learn about mass, weight, gravity.

They continue to perfect their gross motor skills with just how hard they can push that truck.

They continue to perfect their fine motor skills with how many people or blocks they can carry in their trucks. Manipulating their hands and fingers trying to fit that last one in!

All whilst doing something they enjoy, something that holds their attention and something that can grow with them.

The 'cause and affect' window that each child reaches in development from as young as 1 year old. This is often when children first pique an interest in cars. Cars and vehicles are on a physical level children can connect with. They can crawl and move after the vehicle which both challenges and excites them as they learn more exciting ways to move their bodies. They are also better able to see just how a car moves. They are able to watch the wheels spin and they themselves may spin the wheels and marvel and watching them spin. All part of cause and affect.

As your baby becomes a toddler they will begin to show more and more of an interest in activities of daily life. They are fascinated with the world they live in and all things 'adults do'.

Each day your child is likely to be exposed by real life examples of vehicles. They may ride in one everyday or watch them go passed their house. Anyone's child have a fascination with the bin truck?

Vehicle play allows them to connect with the real world. It allows them to explore the vehicles they are familiar with and those they aren't. Exploring toy vehicles they aren't exposed to but may need to be later on, such as the bus or a plane is a good way for your child to explore the vehicle in a safe way before needing to be in it!

Does your child love vehicle play? What benefits have you seen from it?


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